Be Prepared When Inequity Strikes

Be Prepared When Inequity Strikes

Stay on your toes with strike readiness training

Being part of a union involves banding together to improve policies and standards in the workplace. Occasionally, a strike may be in order. Planning and executing a strike involves plenty of planning, organization and dedication to a cause. The James R Cook Labor Agency, INC offers a Strike Readiness Training Program to provide union members with an opportunity to learn about methods and available resources when participating in a strike.

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Understanding a strike

In the event of a strike, it's good to know how to get involved and what to expect. Union members are encouraged to attend our Strike Readiness Training Program to learn from members of community service organizations how to assist and prepare for a strike. The goals of this training program include:

  • Increasing members' knowledge about what occurs during a strike/lockout
  • Increasing understanding and support of the union movement's goals and objectives
  • Building a network of resources in the community

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